As the dust is beginning to settle after the massive international cyber attack launched on Friday which affected businesses and companies and a lot of individuals, questions are beginning to be asked at why so many companies and government run organisations were left vulnerable to such an attack.

Some major organisations were affected by this attack, one of the most worrying was the National Health Service over in the UK, operations and outpatient appointments had to be cancelled due to the attack which rendered many health service computers useless and major incidents were declared at many hospitals which Doctors and Nurses reverting to pen and paper to make notes of patients being treated.

Over in Russia, computers belonging to the Interior Minister were hit and the second largest phone network in Russia also found their computer system had been hit with the Ransomware, which also caused total chaos throughout that nation.

Reports were also coming in that over in Germany that ticketing computers and machines at train stations had been affected which rendered those machines out of operation leaving many commuters wondering how and if they would ever get home or to their destinations.

Spain was also added to the ever growing list of countries that suffered from this cyber attack and it has been reported that the Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica suffered major problems with their computer systems as did Iberdrola who are one of the main power companies in Spain, we have just heard that the gas supplier in Spain that being Gas Natural also experienced huge problems caused by the Ransomware too.

What is also worrying is that many Government departments had also been affected in many different countries of the world, however due to security worries many countries did not report attacks on their computer systems.

The global parcel delivery firm FedEx was also hit by the attack with many of their offices having to put into place a manual way for their depots to continue to operate without the use of their computers and office systems.

If you or your business has been affected by this attack then you are encouraged to disconnect your computer from the internet and seek professional help to get that Ransomware removed from your computer or computer network.

Any company operating one or more computers should also ensure their members of staff are fully aware of the dangers of opening email attachments or clicking on links sent to them either via email or via popup windows which open when visiting websites.

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